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What should I be doing over the Summer Holidays? Planning and Strategy for IB Students of 2024

The final school bell of 2023 has rung, and the Summer Holidays are upon us, providing a much-needed opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and recharge for 2024. But for most of us IB students, there remains a deeply rooted feeling that there is probably something we should be doing to prepare for the upcoming onslaught of IB exams and assessments.

If this is you, read on and we will tackle these anxieties within this essential guide to making these Summer Holidays count!


Year 11 (2024)

Now first of all, you might be thinking:

“Hold on, I haven’t even started yet and you’re telling me I have work to do!”

Yes. And no. But mainly Yes. There are three things which you should aim to complete over these Summer Holidays if you are commencing IB in 2024:

1.    Fill the Gaps: With End-of-Year Reports now out, it is the best time to review your progress in 2023. Did you struggle with a particular Math topic? Does your English essay writing need some work? If so, these Summer Holidays provide an opportunity for you to fill the gaps in your existing knowledge, before you are loaded up with new and challenging IB work.

2.    Look Ahead: Take a look at the subjects you have selected for IB. Are any of them particularly difficult? Are you freaking out about starting a whole new language? Have you heard whispers about the insanity of higher-level Physics and Chemistry? If so, take some time in these Summer Holidays to read ahead for these subjects.

3.    Find an experienced IB Mentor: Starting the IB is scary. New words and acronyms, different assessments and syllabus documents for each subject that are longer than most national constitutions. An IB mentor will not only ease your transition into the IB but help Fill the Gaps in your existing knowledge and Look Ahead at IB syllabus content.

Where can you find one of these mysterious ‘IB mentors’? Well, right here of course! Our IB tutors are all former graduates who have aced the IB and will work closely with you to identify strengths and improve weaknesses, passing on the secrets, tips and tricks which allowed them to succeed!

Year 12 (2024)

Next up, our Year 12s of 2024. You have endured the first year of the IB and are now well-accustomed to the struggles of the IB.

Sort of.

Because Year 12 is a whole new ball game. Your job over these holidays is very simple and it comes down to two words:

Internal Assessments

Get started on everything. Yes, I mean everything. By the end of these holidays, you should have at least:

1.    Completed a draft of your Extended Essay: It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be on the paper for you to spend the first few months of 2024 refining.

2.    Started your English Internal Assessments: Every school has a different timeline, but either the Individual Oral or the Higher-Level Essay (or both!!!) are coming up fast. Make sure you have begun preparation for these tasks (particularly the IO, as this is usually completed first).

3.    Have a Plan for all other Internal Assessments: Every Math, Science and Humanities Internal Assessment should, at least, be planned out. You should also aim to start these in the order in which they are due.

“But wait, we literally only covered these in the last weeks of school, I don’t even know what I want to write about yet!”

If this is the case and you are totally, completely lost, contact us. Our tutors can assist from topic selection through to final completion of internal assessments. Our IB experts know the best topics, structures, marking guidelines, tips, secrets – essentially we know what works and what doesn’t, because we’ve all been through it and succeeded.

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