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Our Story

IB Solved founder Alex
A Word from the CEO

"The International Baccalaureate is one of the most challenging graduate courses in the world. Yet while completing my IB Diploma, I noticed a genuine lack of high-quality resources accessible to assist IB Students in preparing for both their internal assessments and final exams.

This prompted the birth of IB Solved - a solution to the gap between the growing popularity of the International Baccalaureate and the lack of assistance available to students. Since our inception, we have worked with hundreds of IB students from top schools in Australia and internationally.


We provide tuition, mentoring and high-quality study resources to help IB students worldwide achieve their academic dreams and secure their future!"

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Meet The Team

Get to know the passionate and experienced tutors who make up our IB Solved team.

Join The Team

Become a part of the IB Solved family and join our team of dedicated and knowledgeable tutors.


At IB Solved, our mission is to provide high-quality and comprehensive IB tutoring, mentoring, and exclusive IB resources that cater to each student's unique needs and goals. We are committed to helping students worldwide excel in the IB program and beyond.

IB Solved team

IB Solved offers IB tutoring and mentoring tailored to meet each student's unique needs and goals, using modern education technology to enhance learning and providing exclusive materials to give students a competitive edge in the IB program. Our holistic approach to education involves mentoring IB students to balance their workload and maintain their physical, mental and psychological wellbeing throughout their IB journey.

IB Solved founder Alex training tutors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IB Solved specialises in IB tutoring, and we have been helping hundreds of IB students achieve their academic dreams. We have helped many students from a diverse range of countries, with a focus on Australia. We utilise cutting edge education technology, provide exclusive resources developed by IB experts and offer one-on-one or group tuition, as well as university admission test support. Our team of highly successful IB graduates excel in communication and have developed effective strategies to succeed in the IB, sharing their secrets, tips, and tricks with students. ​

  • We offer exclusive, top-quality resources developed by IB experts. Our resources include IB subject-specific notes and study guides, exemplar exam responses and high-scoring internal assessments. These resources are available for digital download and are provided to all IB Solved students.

  • The IB Solved team is made up of top achieving IB graduates who have scored 40+ in their IB Diploma and a Band 7 in the subjects they tutor. All our tutors have undergone training and continue to receive ongoing development throughout their time at IB Solved. They have been selected not only for their detailed knowledge of the intricacies of the IB but for their ability to teach, communicate and inspire their students.

  • We pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency in setting up tuition. We can set up tuition within 24 hours.

  • Our tutors are accomplished recent graduates who have excelled in the IB program, receiving a score of 40+ and only tutoring the subjects in which they scored the top Band 7. Not only are they highly skilled communicators, but they also have their own proven strategies that they can share with students. We take pride in our diverse team of tutors who come from various backgrounds, genders, schools, and academic disciplines.

  • We offer flexible payment options, with no lock-in, pay only for what you use and receive discounts for package payments. We have two payment options: weekly charges or package payments. We also offer an easy payment system with online tracking of balances, email invoices/receipts, and direct debiting.

  • At IB Solved, we understand that each student has unique needs. There is definitely no hard rule on exactly how many hours of tutoring is best for you and ultimately this will be determined together in your initial assessment with us.


    However, generally we recommend at least one (but ideally two) hours per subject each week with your tutors to see significant improvements in performance. We have found that the best results come from students who not only have regular contact with their IB tutor, but also engage with the out-of-class work set by our IB experts.

  • At IB Solved, we pride ourselves on flexibility and understand that your child's schedule can be crazy and dynamic. However, our tutors are often dependent on their sessions as their primary source of income, so if you need to cancel a lesson, we require at least 1 hour notice. If notice is not given, our tutors reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the hourly rate.


IB Solved was founded in 2016 by Jordan Martenstyn and Alex Connolly, two former IB students who noticed the lack of beneficial high-quality resources accessible to assist IB students in preparing for both their internal assessments and final exams.


In 2018, IB Solved was purchased by Alexander Ciarroni and Marcus Buvac, who expanded the brand and helped hundreds of students from 2019-2022, delivering over 9000 lessons across this short time.

2023 and Beyond

In 2023, IB Solved converted into a company, with Alexander Ciarroni remaining as the sole director and CEO. IB Solved has undergone significant expansion, investing heavily in technology, tutor recruitment and training, and IB resources. We remain committed to helping International Baccalaureate students in Australia and worldwide achieve their academic dreams and secure their future!

Our History

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