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My Top 10 Expressions and Phrases for IB French

Learning a language for the IB can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of your time as an IB student. I certainly found this was the case for me while studying French B SL, where I was able to develop a nuanced appreciation for both the French language and culture.

My final mark for French B SL was 97/100, but this did not come easily. While I stayed at a low band 6 level for the majority of year 11, it was not until I made a conscious effort to compile a bank of unique, complex and interesting phrases and expressions, that I saw my marks jump significantly. I found that I could adapt these expressions to any written or oral examination, giving me a foundation on which I could express my ideas while using a high-quality of language.

Below are my top 10 expressions and phrases that I used to score highly in IB French SL. Hope you enjoy!

Society / World

  1. Cela fait partie inhérente de la société (it is an inherent part of society)


  1. Il faut sensibiliser les jeunes au problème de (it is necessary to raise awareness to the youth of the problem of ... )

  2. Il faut l’utiliser à bon escient (it is necessary to use it in the right way)


  1. Il ne faut pas sous-estimer l’importance de … (one should not under-estimate the importance of ...)

  2. Force est de constater que … (it goes without saying that ...)

  3. Nombreux sont les gens qui ne réfléchissent aux conséquences (numerous are the people who do not think about the consequences)


  1. a me met en colère rien que d’y penser! (it makes me angry just to think about it!)

  2. Je n’arrive pas à le croire! (I cannot believe it)


  1. Avant que ce ne soit trop tard (before it is too late)

  2. L’important, c’est que + subj (the most important thing, it is that)

Let me know if you've used any of these expressions, or have any more to add in the comments section below.

Jordan Martenstyn: Co-Founder and Tutor at IB Solved

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